Goals and Key Actions for the Greater Madison Region

The AGMV Executive Committee used survey results and research to develop the following goals and key actions. In considering actions, we prioritized those that:

  • advance multiple high priority strategies from the survey
  • Steering Committee members can influence
  • are regional in scope

Steering Committee members commit to these goals as we work to tackle the region's high priority challenges.

Improve access to opportunities for all

Investments and policies in growth and development will be designed to enable families to overcome poverty.

  • Ensure equitable and inclusive planning and decision-making.
  • Advocate for access to quality affordable childcare as a key priority to employment.

Reduce and adapt to climate change

Obtain regional flood resilience through green infrastructure that captures and absorbs precipitation while enhancing community health and vitality for all.

  • Advocate for funding for regional green infrastructure plans.
  • Support wetland restoration initiatives that have potential to absorb significant volumes of precipitation.
  • Ensure equitable and inclusive green infrastructure planning to ensure that investments increase health and generate economic benefits for all.

Achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

  • Encourage communities and businesses to commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and to set interim targets to ensure significant reductions in the shorter term.
  • Ensure equitable and inclusive planning to ensure that investments yield broad-based benefits.

Expand transportation choices

Obtain a regional high-capacity multi-modal transit system that connects Madison and surrounding communities and increases people's access to jobs, services, and resources.

  • Advocate for a Regional Transit Authority to secure transit system funding.
  • Ensure equitable and inclusive transit planning to ensure a regional transit system increases transportation access for low-income persons to jobs and resources.

Increase housing options

Obtain safe, decent, and affordable housing for all by expanding production of a broad range of housing types to match growing demand and increasing subsidies for workforce and affordable housing.

  • Support a regional housing study that identifies current and future housing demand and proposes strategies, investments, and actions to overcome barriers and gaps in meeting demand.
  • Ensure equitable and inclusive participation in the housing study.