How we grow matters. A Greater Madison Vision is a regional effort to plan for successful growth and development in Dane County and surrounding communities as change occurs over the next few decades. Our ultimate goal is to foster exceptional quality of life, economic opportunity, and a healthy environment for all.

The greater Madison region

The greater Madison region is a special place. Quality of life, prosperity, and natural beauty draw and keep people here.

These same qualities also fuel strong growth. At our current pace, the region’s population is expected to grow by 150,000 people over the next 25 years, almost twice the number of seats in Camp Randall Stadium.

As we grow, we’ll also need to adapt to changes in our economy, environment, demographics, technology, and politics. Change is already happening fast, and because these changes will affect our lives, we need to plan and prepare.

How we grow matters

People in Dane County and surrounding communities are connected to each other by many things that cross municipal boundaries: housing, jobs, shopping, recreation, socializing, food systems, and natural resources like water.

As our population grows, how and where people, housing, businesses and roads are added matters to the things we care about. Members of our communities need to access good jobs, find homes we can afford, get where we need to go on time, produce and buy food, and enjoy our natural resources.

Getting growth right requires communities and organizations to work together. A Greater Madison Vision is a regional effort to accommodate growth while maintaining the things that connect us and matter to us.

A Greater Madison Vision

A Greater Madison Vision (AGMV) is an initiative guided by leaders from business, government and community organizations. The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC), a local unit of government, provides support to the initiative.

Our mission is to develop a shared vision and plan to guide public and private decisions about how the region grows to foster exceptional quality of life, economic opportunity, and a healthy environment for all. When people, businesses, and government coordinate our vision and plan for the future, we build a stronger region.

AGMV started in 2016. Year one focused on capacity building, research, and trend analyses. Year two focused on outreach, education, and engagement. 2018 focused on scenario planning and conducting the survey. This year we will prepare the regional vision and plan.

2018 Survey Results

Steering Committee

Godwin Amegashie * Consultant
Ruben Anthony Urban League Greater Madison
Juli Aulik University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority
Zach Brandon Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
Dave Branson Building and Construction Trades Council of SC WI
Gurdip Brar Mayor, City of Middleton
Dan Brown Ho-Chunk Gaming
Frank Byrne * St. Mary’s Hospital
Justice Castañeda * Common Wealth Development
Sharon Corrigan * Dane County Board of Supervisors
Drake Daily City of Sun Prairie
Jack Daniels Madison College
Joe Daguanno Adams Outdoor Advertising
Chris Ehlers Veridian Homes
Paul Esser Mayor, City of Sun Prairie
Cheryl Fahrner Columbia County Economic Development Commission
Paulette Glunn Northwest Dane Senior Services, Inc.
Kari Grasee * American Family Insurance
James Hegenbarth Park Bank
John Imes Wisconsin Environmental Initiative
Paul Jadin * Consultant
Sharyl Kato * The Rainbow Project
Jenni Le gBETA
Sabrina Madison * Heymiss Progress
Mariam Maldonado Luna’s Grocery
Sarita Mannigel * Latino Chamber of Commerce
Ezra Meyer Clean Wisconsin
Deb Nemeth 1000 Friends of Wisconsin
Kwasi Obeng City of Madison Common Council
Leslie Orrantia Wisconsin Collaborative Education Research Network
Mark Opitz Madison Area Transportation Planning Board
Kevin Oppermann Highland Spring Farm
Larry Palm * CARPC and City of Madison Common Council
Harold Rayford African American Council of Churches
Keith Reopelle Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change
Carl Ruedebusch * Ruedebusch Development & Construction, Inc.
Sue Springman Village of Waunakee and The Mullins Group
David Stark Stark Company Realtors
Steve Staton * Village of Oregon
Andrew Statz Madison Metropolitan School District
Nia Trammell Urban League of Greater Madison
James Tye Clean Lakes Alliance
Lyle Updike Town of Sun Prairie
Donna Walker * Alliant Energy
William White * WhiteFish Partners
Dan White Filament Games
Tom Wilson Town of Westport & Madison Metro Sewerage District
Gary Wolter * Madison Gas & Electric
Phillip Yang Wisconsin Hmong Association
Alex Ysquierdo Associated Bank

*Executive Committee member

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